ETICS/EIFS systems

Profiles and accessories for external wall insulation systems (ETICS/EIFS)

At a time when façade insulation using full external wall insulation systems (ETICS/EIFS) is on the up, MDB Profil of course offers you the best choice on the market. MDB Profil enables you to find everything you need from a single supplier, including:

  • Corner bead and trims, with and without fibre glass
  • Stop profiles
  • Movement beads
  • Base profiles, vertical profiles and cover profiles for insulation
  • Ventilation profiles
  • PVC profiles for doors and windows
  • Accessories such as fibre glass, insulation dowels, cutting pinches for profiles (PVC or metal), etc.

Browse through our product catalog or consult our external wall insulation systems (ETICS/EIFS) documentation, and discover the numerous standard products that will help you with your application!